3D Art & 3D Animation

3D Art & 3D Animation
3D Art & 3D Animation

Storytelling in 3D

3D Art, 3D animation, 3D Visualization, 3D Pre-Visualization, Pre-Viz, Previs, 3D Viz, 3D Imagery, CGI

ie. Computer Generated Imagery

All different terms to describe the same subject: Computer generated imagery. To predict the future, if you will.

Because that IS what 3D Artists do:
We create imagery and animations to visualize a possible outcome.

To lend an eye on the (flexible) future!

And… we entertain, of course 😉

3D Jewelry

3D & Jewelry Making

Jewelry Design & Jewelry visualization in particular are profoundly interesting areas to explore within the vast realm of the 3D visualization work area.

View the glittering examples of pure bliss!

No greater pleasure than seeing a product created and produced after closely cooperating with customers, working out plans and drawings, and the initial test production batch. Iterations and (color) variations are easily tested within a 3D environment.

This means we can work cost effective, reduce costs during the designing stage, control the production pipeline more efficiently and easily explore multiple options and different approaches.

3D Vehicles

No area of pre-visualization is unknown or unexplored. From heavy industry to fine art, all have their moment in the spotlight at STORMYSUNDAY.

Let’s take a look.

3D Object Visualization

Any object visualization you want to have done is right up our alley, we can build you anything. Why not put us to the test?

Challenge accepted!

3D & Footwear

From online product configuration, to testing markets’ demands for new products and product variations, we supply you with photo realistic imagery to achieve the desired results.


Watch the video and tell me what you think!

3D Characters

Need a more human touch added to your 3D imagery?

Say no more.



…are you looking for a bit more animalistic look?
No problem.




3D & Events

Planning a Party?

Not convinced the installation will look good at the venue planned? Need strong information to get everyone on the same page, and planning?

3D Pre-viz can help test different scenarios quickly.


Plan Ahead in 3D

You know what you want, it’s all in your head. But how… to most efficiently tell other people?
Previs is exactly the type of 3D animation that can give you the extra insight, or bettering that, the foresight, you need to move forward efficiently.

With confidence.

3D & Architecture

Architectural and Interior visualization is a vast area within the 3D world, lending a powerful look into the possible future.

Where living quarters and quality of living can be greatly influenced and optimized, before even laying one brick or the first lick of paint.

Predictive & Empowering.

3D & City Planning

An area of design where 3D visualization can provide an excellent insight in relationships of living areas, traffic flow and interaction between people.

Insightful advantage.

3D & Deep Sea Exploration

Are you in the business of selling custom-made machinery, or move in a discipline that tailors products for a niche market?

We’ve got your back.

3D & Mega Transports

Explainer videos. A term revamped and recently regained popularity. No matter how intricate, detailed or extensive your requirements, you’ll get what you need.

Plus some.

3D & Healthcare

Healthcare is a hot item. Always has been. With technology taking great leaps, specially in the last decade,

3D visualization can help you communicate to your customers, and their customers extremely efficient.

Let’s explore further.

And further…

3D & Accuracy Measurements

Do you need a 3D Animation explaining to your customers how your products work exactly and how they can improve the efficiency of their workforce? Understood.

You ask, we deliver.

3D & Heavy Industries

3D visualization is all about mimicking the real world. To make people see ‘what you mean’, to pre-visualize a possible outcome.

In that respect it all comes down to adding the right light, life-like textures and modelling impressive surroundings and environments. No problem,

You can ask for anything.

Optimal Results Through
3D Viz

3D Art & 3D Animation is an extremely specialist area.

Requiring a natural insight into many different disciplines and industries and yes, physics & math.

Next to a sound and expertise understanding of marketing, promotion and, of course, a good sense of the marketing result we need to achieve, together.

As the STORMYSUNDAY credo states:

Helping Entrepreneurs Define, Create & Promote their Brands, Personally!

We know your struggles.
We understand your needs.
We can help you achieve your goals.

Let’s talk!


For More 3D Art & 3D Animations visit the sister site:

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3D Art & Animation Reel

3D Art & Animation Reel



Customers Speak

Without the continuous support, advice and expertise of Stormy we would have been soooo lost… But now… we aren’t! We love our new logo, the web site is precisely what we wanted it to be, and even the supporting visuals they delivered are exactly what we need! A truly satisfying experience.Vietnam Exchange

They handed us the right tools to communicate to our customers and created an awesome logo for our business. Next to creating great end products, they proved to be a valuable partner in refining our marketing strategies and helped us focus on our target audience optimally. The Village

Response was prompt, very thorough, and the end product fit our brief perfectly! Communication was easy, and they were receptive to making modifications and happy to aid with the application of our design, streamlining the process of turning concept into reality.EAZY PICKINS

Our new start-up company needed an identity, weaving smoothly into our services characteristics. STORMYSUNDAY was able to tap into that feeling effortlessly. We now have the perfect tools to engage with our customers and make a slamming lift-off!DUTCHfishDELIGHT

Amazing job! We know we’ve tested your outer limits (or… so we thought), but time and again you went above and beyond our expectations… We could not have wished for a more reliable partner for this challenging project.CASA VESPA

I once was in deep sh*t when Erik saved my day by quickly creating picture perfect 3D product visuals for a client of mine. Since then we have work on and off for the same client and discovered Erik to have skills beyond just 3D visualizations.Bushbaby

A 3D designer with a feeling for the product. He remains involved in the best implementation of the work after delivery and provides well-founded advice. If you are looking for, among other things, a 3D designer who thinks along with you, search no more.Sandalinos

No wayyyy dude! This sh*t is brilliant man. You are making me cry. You made a freakin superhero symbol here!Perpetual Media

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