" Web Development, PHP, Front-end Developer, HTML5, CSS3, JS ( Javascript), JavaScript, Bounce-Rate. "

Web-development can range from developing a simplistic static single page of plain text—to the most complex web-based internet applications ('web apps') electronic businesses, and community services.

Web Development usually refers to the main non-design aspects of building web sites: writing Markup and Coding.

Source: Wikipedia

Excuse me ...???

Web Development & You, did you ever meet?

Web Development creates trust & loyalty with your website visitors. By servicing dedicated Customer Privacy & Security during their online interaction with your brand, you will be seen as a trusted partner.

Communicating with your customers has never been easier, right?

By utilizing various channels & approaches we can Monitor, Determine & Execute, take (counter-)measures or micro-adjust almost every detail. Simple!

"Evaluation of a web-project provides a clear picture of fitting solutions to your specific needs. Finding a balance between 'wants', needs & usability is always an exciting challenge."

STORMYSUNDAY | Web Development STORMYSUNDAY | Web Development
  1. Web Development contains several basic interdisciplinary skills/ roles, including:
STORMYSUNDAY | Web Development

"Front-end developer. Back-end developer. Who does what?

We do.

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