" Our Care & Support program is best fit for the seasoned entrepreneur, with clear goals, and just-not-enough time."

Care & Support, because we care.

Customer Support includes assistance in planning, installation, training, troubleshooting, maintenance, upgrading, during the life-cycle of a product.

Supporting you:
- Take away the stress of daily tasks;
- Creates the opportunity to connect with your customers for life;
- Increase Customer Care Satisfaction;
- Apt response for (new) customers and prospects;
- Lets you grow your business by increasing price-levels.

Our 'Assistant' option offers full relieve;
Move on with your day

"Our Care & Support options meet the demands set by your Branding & Marketing Strategy."


TRY: 'Simply'

Care & Support Plan


Free Stock Images SEO Consult Blog/ Social Media Consult Update 1x 2-Month

USD 128,- p/m Request *


Care & Support objective ?

Free up your schedule.

Care & Support Plan


All of 'Simply '
+ PR Package incl. Monitoring SEO Blog Updates Social Media Consult Update 2x Month

Order *

Care & Support Plan


All of 'INTERN '
+ Orignal Artwork included! SEO Updates Blog Consult SM Updates Update 4x Month

Request *


or TRY: 'Advanced'

Care & Support Plan


All of 'HELP '
+ Video-Editing included! Active SEO Original Copywriting included! Content Creation included! Daily Updates

Request *

* Prices Excl. Added Tax

  Billed Quarterly

  Conditions apply

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