The Assignment

The hungry entrepeneurs that founded EAZY PCIKINS asked STORMYSUNDAY to assist them in creating a unique style for their new business. Their strive is to create an original, typical South American BBQ brand, with slow cooked food focussing on quality over quantity—classical over modern—taste over haste.

Their Logo, Menu and labels need to reflect that typical look & feel: meticulously prepared—high quality food yet ... old-school Southern style!


The smell of wood-smoked pork settling over picnic tables lined with cold beers and the laughter of old friends (maybe some new ones) is a staple of the American south. Eazy Pickins brings that down home Carolina flavor to Da Nang.

Barbecue is a universal invitation. Wood, fire, meat, and beer—right there you have something that brings people together and that’s the mission at Eazy Pickins. The slow smoked pork shoulder is our trademark. It comes from a tradition, hundreds of years old, born of the American countryside. The meat’s smoked for half a day and comes out tender enough to melt, pepped by one of our original sauces handpicked from our chefs’ favorite regional styles.

All ingredients here are hand selected and the meals handmade. Our chefs are craftsmen native to the region. We care about delivering quality barbecue and a place where people from anywhere can share in this delicious tradition. You’re always welcome to grab a beer and a plate. Sit on down and make yourself at home. You might just like it.

Client Testimonial

"STORMYSUNDAY's response was prompt, very thorough, and the end product fit our brief perfectly. Communication was easy and STORMYSUNDAY was receptive to queries and requests as we continued making modifications. They were also available and happy to aid with the application of our design, streamlining the process of turning our concept into a tangible reality. We are very happy with the result and would not hesitate to recommend this service. Many thanks and good luck!"

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