BREEZE BAR @ The Village | Da Nang

The Assignment

The BREEZE Bar needed a logo. The briefing was simple, with some key markers to base our design on: Beach, Bamboo and Beer.

About BREEZE BAR | Da Nang

Breeze, our mellow bar, acts as the central meeting point of The Village. Guests filter in and out sharing drinks, casual meetings, and good vibes throughout the day. From here sunlight shimmers off the sea while it slides in over the sand and music—whether live or from a house DJ—blends with the ocean breeze.

Fully stocked with a beverage to meet every taste, from inexpensive local beer to fine champagne and excellent martinis, you can quench your thirst on any budget. A number of events are hosted here and bound to suit your tastes. Afternoon game days and barbecues are popular pastimes for day folks, while night owls can enjoy one of the many themed parties.

This is a place of variety and celebration. Drink in a hammock. Drink in a bed on the sand. Take a glass on a sunset walk. Chill on a barstool, at the pool table, or dip your toes in the cool clear ocean. No one goes thirsty around Breeze Bar!

Client Testimonial

"STORMYSUNDAY handed us the right tools to communicate to our customers and created an awesome logo for our business. Next to creating great end-products, STORMYSUNDAY proved to be a valuable partner in refining our strategies and helping us determine how to focus on our target audience optimally."

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